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nDo2: Standalone Normal Creation Toolkit

Published:  September 11, 2011    Category:  3D Graphics, Rendering, Software    Published by:  GriT  
Introducing a toolset for quickly designing normal maps without ever leaving Photoshop, nDo is a melting pot of normal creation techniques. Sculpt using your custom brushes, create volumes from selections, paths or layers, apply filters, generate complexly multifaceted normal maps from height or photographs, rotate and transform without biasing normal, generate color maps and height – nDo is designed to cover many of your normal mapping needs in a to-the-point format. You can pre-order nDo2 for $69.

100% Photoshop Fusion!
Immerse yourself in a fully Photoshop integrated normal mapping experience. Effortlessly create normals without adding yet another step to your pipeline -- if you know Photoshop, you know nDo2.

3D Previewer for PS
The previewer is designed to boost turnaround, never forcing you to leave Photoshop when studying your results in 3D. It auto-loads your maps and instantly renders your tweaks. It's as simple as can be -- your mesh, fully interactive, smack on the screen.

Finally! Normal to Ambient Occlusion
Render stellar-quality Ambient Occlusion blazingly fast from any normal map. Fine-tune the shadows in real-time, without re-rendering. And just like with normal maps, nDo2 enables you to customize the complexity of your AO with limitless control. Take control of the world's first Normal to Ambient Occlusion generator NOW!

Unrivaled Normal-from-Photo Creation
With nDo2, you can bring out any volume from your source photo -- subtle, sharp or huge -- with unrivaled accuracy. Easily add unlimited layers of complexity to your normal, and tweak the results in ridiculous detail.

Full 3D Normals
Let nDo2 do the 3D work for you! Build your normal in 2D, yet experience it in full 3D. Convert your normals to instant height, and save time by cutting the detour of the actual modeling process. Use your displacement maps for parallax & relief mapping or hardware tesselation of your textures, for that real-time 3D oumph!

Normal Sculpting
Hand-paint normals using all of your custom brushes. Apply any Photoshop filters or advanced transformations, or change the original vector of your normal. The sculpt mode lets you use the full capacity of Photoshop and empowers you to edit the source of your normal in real-time, any time.

Zip It!
Zipping your normal layers is a completely non-destructive process, and greatly boosts Photoshop performance. Also, file sizes drop by 300%, speeding up saving & loading.

Instant Yet Endless Tweaking
In nDo2, your nomal updates the moment you release a slider, and your tweak is instantly rendered in the previewer. Experiment with the characteristics of your normal in endless ways, with more than 50 unique sliders and options to let you to achieve exactly the results you want.

Speed Boost
Countless times faster than its predecessor, you'll be creating normals in no-time. No excruciating rendering times. No clean-up. Pure creation only.

True Rotation
In nDo2, you can rotate and transform any of your generated normals, and the normal recalculates itself in real-time.

Custom Curves
Create advanced normal bevels by designing your own custom curves. Effortlessly add to the complexity of your normal by modifying the slope of your bevels.

The Melting Pot of Normal Creation Techniques
Utilize every feature Photoshop has to offer to create unbelievable normals -- from brushes to selections and vectors, from photographs to filters and post-processing -- nDo2 has you covered.
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