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“Black Phoenix Project”: 10 DAYS OF MECH

Published:  March 05, 2013    Category:  3D Graphics, Fresh!    Published by:  GriT  
Concept designer and 3D artist Vitaly Bulgarov has released an interesting project he's been working on. Already known for his intensely detailed character sculpts, he has put out "Black Phoenix Project", which in essence is a 10-day 3D workout grinding out not only the modeling, rendering and composition aspects, but the concept as well. Vitaly challenged himself to pump out 1 mech a day for 10 consecutive days. Click to see the results from his "10 Days of Mech" session.

Black Phoenix  is a fictional military corporation that manufactures robots  in a not-so-distant future. The idea is creating an album that would be full of designs that could represent a whole line of products from utility and semi-civilian drones to multi-purpose mobile weaponry systems and vehicles.

“Black Phoenix Project” is a collaboration with photographer Maria Skotnikova who is responsible for creating HDR Environment Maps that I used as lighting source  as well as backplates. Visit Maria’s website here.

The images below represent “10 Days of Mech” session. The goal during this exercise was to create 1 mech design every day in 3d, from start to finish, without creating preliminary 2d sketches, during non-stop 10 days period. The first 8 designs followed this rule and the 9th design “Ambulance Mech” took 2 days as I wanted to show “an open cockpit” version of it, which took an extra day. So after the exercise was over I decided to make an extra design ( with another 2 days) as a bonus entry just to make it to “10” as a total number.

Before starting this exercise I spent some R&D time establishing the overall workflow for speed-modeling and tried different techniques that enabled me to accelerate design process in 3d.

See all Mechs here.

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