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Adobe Production Premium CS6 Preview

Published:  April 15, 2012    Category:  2D Graphics, Film, Software    Published by:  GriT  
After several months of beta-testing, Vincent Laforet has made a video that details the biggest features of the new Adobe Production Premium CS6. The video serves as a summary of features that Vincent goes into further detail about in his writeup here.

In the studio we have been working exclusively with Adobe Premiere for a year now, and haven’t looked back. The ability to natively edit video formats and dynamically link between different applications has made our workflow much smoother as we shoot a variety of different formats, from the H.264 to R3D codec. Last week, Adobe announced CS6. We have been fortunate enough to play with betas of Premiere and After Effects for CS6 for the past couple months, and in the above video – Jon Carr outlines some of our favorite features of  the new Premiere Pro and After Effects. CS6 Production Premium applications also includes After Effects, Audition, Bridge, Encore, Flash Professional, Illustrator, Media Encoder, Photoshop Professional, and two new applications: Prelude and Speedgrade.

Read full writeup here.

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