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SpeedTree for UE4 Subscription - $19/month

Published:  June 23, 2014    Category:  3D Graphics, Software    Published by:  GriT  
IDV, the makers of SpeedTree have announced the availability of their Modeler for $19 a month, for Unreal Engine 4 subscribed users. Considering their full licenses range from $500 - $5000, this looks like a pretty sweet deal. Just note that there is no way to import your vegetation and render in Maya, as this particular licensing is set up for UE4 subscribers only and thus, works with that pipeline only. Check out the video with the IDV devs and Epic (it's actually a nice video with normal guys talking).
Source:  IDV, Inc      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

Whole: an animated short

Published:  June 23, 2014    Category:  3D Graphics, Animation, Fresh!    Published by:  GriT  
From the Den Danske Filmskole (The National Film School of Denmark), created by director William Reynish over a span of one year. Whole was made using Blender; rendered in Cycles and comped in VSE. The animation is pretty psychedelic and there is even a stereoscopic version of it (the "regular" version was killer already! we will be checking out the stereo version!!). In addition, the assets from Whole will be made available on Blendswap.
Source:  Whole on Vimeo      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

Pilot by Oleg Memukhin

Published:  June 21, 2014    Category:  3D Graphics, Fresh!    Published by:  GriT  
Stunning render by Oleg Memukhin (monkibase), modeled entirely in Blender, alien head sculpted using ZBrush and rendered in VRay. Oleg's creature design was inspired by Range Murata, Vitalii Bulgarov, Robocop and others.
Source:      Comments:  0      Images:  6    

Adobe Ink & Slide: a Creative Cloud Pen and Digital Ruler

Published:  June 18, 2014    Category:  2D Graphics, Hardware    Published by:  GriT  
Introducing creative hardware that makes sketching and drawing more natural and fluid. Designed to be used with the iPad, Adobe Ink is a fine-tip, pressure-sensitive pen built using Adonit Pixelpoint technology to give you greater creative control and unprecedented precision. Adobe Slide is a digital ruler that lets you draw any shape on your iPad — including straight lines, perfect circles, classic French curves, and more. You just need about $200 and an iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPad Mini with Retina display. Oh yeah - this new toy will give you 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. Wacom must be thrilled...
Source:  Adobe      Comments:  0      Images:  2    

Arion for Rhinoceros v2.7.0.Beta2

Published:  June 14, 2014    Category:  3D Graphics, Rendering, Software    Published by:  GriT  
AfR v2.7.0.Beta2 has been released and is available in the Customer Area. Besides some other minor fixes, loads of pre-v2.7.0 materials has been fixed, and the map/texture preview thumbnails works like in Af3 and Asa now.
Source:  RandomControl, SLU.      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

Blender Siggraph 2014 Demoreel: Call for Content

Published:  June 11, 2014    Category:  3D Graphics, Demoreels, Software    Published by:  GriT  
It's that time of the year and SIGGRAPH 2014 is almost here! Mike Pan has put out a call for content, so that there will be a wickedass reel to play at the Blender Siggraph booth coming up in August. Accepted formats are stills with breakdowns, finished animations, breakdowns, timelapse and Game Engine captures - but at a minimum of 1920x1080 or higher in resolution with minimal compression artifact. And needless to say, all content must involve Blender in some way during its production.
Source:      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

Quixel Suite Open Beta

Published:  June 10, 2014    Category:  2D Graphics, 3D Graphics, Software    Published by:  GriT  
Grab the free beta of Quixel Suite, which includes NDO, DDO, 3DO and Megascans, and can be even used commercially until September 8th after which point the beta will be closed.
Source:  Quixel      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

Krita 2.9 Kickstart(er Campaign)

Published:  June 10, 2014    Category:  2D Graphics, Software    Published by:  GriT  
The developers at Krita Foundation are asking for help in funding for their 2.9 version release. But they're opensource and free, you say. That they are... but people still need to get paid for working on it since volunteering can only pay for your food and rent for so long... asking goal is €15,000 (or $20,000 USD). Development goals include extending Photoshop functionality (layers & masks), improvement on paint tools, and more. Check out the full list of release goals on their Kickstarter page!
Source:  Kickstarter      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

OctaneRender™ Standalone Edition v2.0 Released

Published:  June 09, 2014    Category:  3D Graphics, Rendering, Software    Published by:  GriT  
The new and improved OctaneRender™ Standalone v2.0 is now available for all platforms. With exciting new features such as Displacement Mapping, Support for Hair and Fur primitives and Object Motion Blur, users can create even more fantastic animation and scenery.
Source:  Otoy Inc.      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

Bool Tool 0.2 Released

Published:  June 08, 2014    Category:  3D Graphics, Software    Published by:  GriT  
Vitor Balbio has put out the newest version of the BoolTool v0.2 Blender add-on, similar to the MODO MeshFusion boolean plugin... but for free! :-) Have a look at the new features and some improvements on the UI redesign.
Source:  Blendernation      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

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