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Arion for Rhinoceros v2.7.0.Beta2

Published:  June 14, 2014    Category:  3D Graphics, Rendering, Software    Published by:  GriT  
AfR v2.7.0.Beta2 has been released and is available in the Customer Area. Besides some other minor fixes, loads of pre-v2.7.0 materials has been fixed, and the map/texture preview thumbnails works like in Af3 and Asa now.
Source:  RandomControl, SLU.      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

Blender Siggraph 2014 Demoreel: Call for Content

Published:  June 11, 2014    Category:  3D Graphics, Demoreels, Software    Published by:  GriT  
It's that time of the year and SIGGRAPH 2014 is almost here! Mike Pan has put out a call for content, so that there will be a wickedass reel to play at the Blender Siggraph booth coming up in August. Accepted formats are stills with breakdowns, finished animations, breakdowns, timelapse and Game Engine captures - but at a minimum of 1920x1080 or higher in resolution with minimal compression artifact. And needless to say, all content must involve Blender in some way during its production.
Source:      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

Quixel Suite Open Beta

Published:  June 10, 2014    Category:  2D Graphics, 3D Graphics, Software    Published by:  GriT  
Grab the free beta of Quixel Suite, which includes NDO, DDO, 3DO and Megascans, and can be even used commercially until September 8th after which point the beta will be closed.
Source:  Quixel      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

Krita 2.9 Kickstart(er Campaign)

Published:  June 10, 2014    Category:  2D Graphics, Software    Published by:  GriT  
The developers at Krita Foundation are asking for help in funding for their 2.9 version release. But they're opensource and free, you say. That they are... but people still need to get paid for working on it since volunteering can only pay for your food and rent for so long... asking goal is €15,000 (or $20,000 USD). Development goals include extending Photoshop functionality (layers & masks), improvement on paint tools, and more. Check out the full list of release goals on their Kickstarter page!
Source:  Kickstarter      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

OctaneRender™ Standalone Edition v2.0 Released

Published:  June 09, 2014    Category:  3D Graphics, Rendering, Software    Published by:  GriT  
The new and improved OctaneRender™ Standalone v2.0 is now available for all platforms. With exciting new features such as Displacement Mapping, Support for Hair and Fur primitives and Object Motion Blur, users can create even more fantastic animation and scenery.
Source:  Otoy Inc.      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

Bool Tool 0.2 Released

Published:  June 08, 2014    Category:  3D Graphics, Software    Published by:  GriT  
Vitor Balbio has put out the newest version of the BoolTool v0.2 Blender add-on, similar to the MODO MeshFusion boolean plugin... but for free! :-) Have a look at the new features and some improvements on the UI redesign.
Source:  Blendernation      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

Leap Motion V2

Published:  June 05, 2014    Category:  Hardware    Published by:  GriT  
The new V2 Leap Motion SDK with Skeletal Tracking allows you to grab, pinch, and perform other hand motions like we haven't seen before! Check out the demo video...the future is here :-)
Source:  Leap Motion, Inc.      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

Fetch, a very short film

Published:  June 03, 2014    Category:  Animation, Fresh!    Published by:  GriT  
Check out this eye-catching animation, which has been rendered using Appleseed. Appleseed is a modern, physically-based renderer designed for production rendering and is released as open source under the MIT license.
Source:  Fetche      Comments:  0      Images:  2    

Blender 2.71 testbuild2

Published:  May 31, 2014    Category:  3D Graphics, Software    Published by:  GriT  
For those wanting to give it a spin - a new testbuild of Blender 2.71 is now available for download! It includes massive FBX fixes, Cycles baking (baking is now supported for Cycles; the tool mimics most of the Blender internal baking functionality, but adapted to Cycles workflow), and more.
Source:      Comments:  0      Images:  1    

Arion for 3ds Max v2.7.0

Published:  May 31, 2014    Category:  3D Graphics, Rendering, Software    Published by:  GriT  
RandomControl is proud to announce the release of Arion for 3ds Max v2.7.0. This new version brings to the professionals of animation and VFX a set of powerful tools, and unprecedented rendering quality and performance inside 3ds Max. Much improved displacement, incredibly fast motion blur, new render passes (called AOVs), LightMixer inside 3ds Max, multi-layered EXR output, Metropolis Sampling, Support for CUDA 6.0 and 3ds Max 2015, faster rendering... are only some examples of the hundreds of improvements since version v2.0.3.
Source:  RandomControl      Comments:  0      Images:  2    

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